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Wedgie story So before I was a nerd and got wedgies from my younger sisters and almost all the girls at my school I was once the hottest and the most popular girl at are school and Iused to give people wedgies. This is the story of how I became a nerd. So i was in school one day and I always have this one girl (Selena) where I giver her wedgies because she was known as the wedgie slut. So I was giving Selena a wedgie while giving her a swirly when one of her friends (Rebecca) told me to stop. lthan gave Rebecca a hanging wedgie while she watched me give Selena §wjglx§ and wedgies. So apparently Selena and Rebecca went to Selena‘s house to plan revenge. So the next day i went up to Selena during lunch to give her, her daily wedgies but than Rebecca came from behind and pulled down my pants to reveal

The very nature of the yoga pant is to make the derriere look shapely, and every girl should know this.

  • It only lasted a few seconds because it was a lot more painful than I expected or was really ready for.

It's rumored that she and Gigi started the trend.

  • But by that point, it was already too late: The next morning, Sam fell into what she later discovered was septic shock after contracting a skin infection called cellulitis, BuzzFeed reported.

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